Hello from Barcelona!

Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Halee, a 21-year old student from Washington State (that’s the one that is home to Seattle and Starbucks, not the White House!) I am a Marketing major, and am taking classes through an exchange program here.

Yes, I am currently spending my first journey overseas sitting in an office, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. The Gracia Work Center team is welcoming in every way, and very patient with my (much) less than perfect ability to speak Spanish. Between taking classes, working a few hours a week with Videos Empresa, and traveling nearly every weekend, it has been a hectic time so far in Barcelona.

I originally chose Barcelona because I wanted to learn Spanish. It also appealed to me because it seemed to be such an important cultural hub. After being here for a just a few weeks, I’ve come to see first hand that it is truly the heart of Spain. The people here are passionate, proud, and as it turns out, extremely approachable! It took only a week or two of dealing with jetlag, the expected initial homesickness, and the feeling of being a stranger before I was happily adjusted to my new home.

Despite a crazy schedule, I am making a conscious effort to adopt the laidback Spanish lifestyle while I’m here. Taking time to eat breakfast at the kitchen table rather than scarfing down a croissant on the train to school is a simple thing that makes a huge difference to my day.

Every once in a while, I’ll catch myself rushing through the streets, usually just out of habit. I have to remind myself to slow down, so as not to miss the incredible city that I came all this way to get to know.

Moving to Barcelona has been a great adventure, and I couldn’t be more excited with how it is unfolding.

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